Graham Sustainability Institute

Graham Institute Class Departs for Kenya

Friday, August 6, 2010

A group of undergraduates in a class offered by the Graham Environmental Institute Institute and taught by SNRE professors departed August 3, 2010 to spend three weeks studying at Mpala, a 48,000-acre wildlife conservancy and biodiversity research center in Kenya.

The three-credit course, "Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities in East Africa," gives students the opportunity to do work on sustainability as related to extreme climates and to demographic and economic change, human/wildlife interaction, collaborate with a team to support food, water and energy security in the region, and conduct data collection in the field.

Professor Rebecca Hardin, who holds a joint appointment at SNRE and in the Department of Anthropology, and Johannes Foufopoulos, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at SNRE, are teaching the course.

Please click here for a flier about the course.