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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Adriane Kline, canoeing

Adriane Kline, Master’s Student in Health Behavior and Health Education and Dow Fellows Alumna, is featured in this profile, developed by the School of Public Health (9-18-2020).  From South Africa to Fiji, to Michigan's Western Upper Peninsula, Adriane has gained a lot of experience.

"I am learning to shape my perspectives on community health through a sustainability lens."
Adriane Kline, MPH

Adrienne and a team of Dow Fellows (an interdisciplinary team of five graduate students) partnered with the Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region (WUPPDR) on several sustainable food systems projects. The team helped to produce the following:

  • Designed county profiles for all six counties in the western UP highlighting demographics, public health capacity, food resources, institutional factors, and the state of natural and built environments. These county data profiles are meant to inform applications for sustainable food systems grants that support agriculture and food access across the region.
  • Created a template for local communities to incorporate food systems planning into their broader master plans.
  • Develop a policy resource to assist local planners in navigating local food systems policy—a catalog of existing policy examples implemented across the state and country that support production, processing, distribution, retailing, eating, and waste management.

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Keywords: Upper Peninsula, Michigan, Dow Fellows Program, food systems, food insecurity, public health