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National Media Coverage about Lake Erie Study (Don Scavia Principal Investigator)

Friday, February 28, 2014

The need to reduce phosphorus runoff into Lake Erie by nearly 50 percent was recently brought to the public eye, thanks to national media coverage about EcoFore-Lake Erie, a multi-institution study that documents trends in Lake Erie's health. Graham Institute Director and Aquatic Ecologist Don Scavia is principal investigator for the project, which offers science-based guidance to policymakers seeking to reduce the size of toxic algae blooms and oxygen-starved regions called "dead zones" in the lake.

"The new target is very ambitious but is achievable if the region agrees to adopt agricultural practices that help reduce the amount of phosphorus-bearing fertilizer washing off fields," said Scavia in a University of Michigan news release about the Lake Erie assessment. "We believe this EcoFore synthesis report provides important input to the U.S. and Canadian teams charged with setting new phosphorus load targets for Lake Erie."

See links below for some of the media coverage about this important issue and new report:

To learn more about the study, and to access the final report, visit EcoFore (Ecological Forecasting: Hypoxia Assessment in Lake Erie).