Graham Sustainability Institute

Dow Fellow Working with the City of Chelsea

Monday, May 18, 2020

What it's like to be a Dow Fellow

"I am currently working on a project team of 4 students (3 from SEAS, 2 dual degrees with SEAS and the College of Engineering, and 1 MBA student). We are working with the City of Chelsea, Michigan, on a feasibility study on community solar options."
— Elena Essa, Dow Fellow, and Dual Degree graduate student in Environment and Sustainably, School for Environment and Sustainability (Sustainable Systems) and College of Engineering (Energy Systems Engineering and Integrative Systems + Design).

Elena and her team are actively working with the City of Chelsea on a year-long sustainability project with an interdisciplinary team of Dow Fellows. The engaged projects are led by students and a key focus of the Dow Fellows Program. Fellows gain valuable experience collaborating with clients/communities/organizations and stakeholders and with gaining perspectives of others across multiple disciplines.