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Practical Climate Adaptation Research via Michigan Journal of Sustainability

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Related Article Interested in climate adaptation research that’s practical and easy to understand? If so, then log onto the Michigan Journal of Sustainability (MJS), an open-access, peer-reviewed journal founded and managed by a team of sustainability doctoral fellows at the University of Michigan.

Michigan Journal of Sustainability The journal’s objective is to translate interdisciplinary research into a format that practitioners can apply in their real-world decision-making, as well as to provide a professional forum for academic researchers to exchange ideas.

The second volume of the journal was just released this fall, and it includes articles about climate adaptation, sustainable urban planning, and public health. The third issue, slated for release in January 2015, will focus exclusively on climate adaptation.

According to MJS editors, the goal of the upcoming Climate Adaptation issue is to foster thinking about bridging the science-policy divide to help society adapt to existing and projected future impacts from disasters, climate variability, and long-term climate change.

So, if you’re a researcher, practitioner, policy maker, NGO leader, or concerned citizen with something to contribute on this important subject, then the MJS editors invite you to submit something for consideration.

To access the journal, including instructions for submitting content for consideration, log onto