Graham Sustainability Institute

Call for Nominations for Dow Sustainability Masters Fellows

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Dow Sustainability Fellows Program, now in its second year, is accepting nominations for exceptional Masters and Professional-Degree students focused on interdisciplinary sustainabilty. The program aspires to prepare future sustainability leaders to make a positive difference in organizations worldwide. Each cohort begins in January and concludes in December of that year.

  • THE AWARD: Each year, a total of 40 masters/professional-degree students will be selected for this Dow Sustainability Fellows Program, each of whom will receive up to $20,000 to help support his/her studies. They will also be eligible to compete for a Distinguished Award for Interdisciplinary Sustainability valued up to $75,000 to be used to implement a team project.   
  • THE COMMUNITY OF SCHOLARS:  In addition to receiving valuable monetary support for their studies, Dow Sustainability Fellows become part of a “Community of Scholars” who regularly interact to exchange ideas and perspectives. In fact, as part of an effort to encourage interdiscipinary thinking and collaboration, fellows are required to engage in monthly seminars and related activities, as well as a multidisciplinary team project.
  • THE CANDIDATES: This component of the Dow program is designed for U-M students who are pursuing a terminal masters or other professional degree—with a focus on finding interdisciplinary, actionable, and meaningful solutions to sustainability solutions on local-to-global scales. Only students who are nominated by their school/college may apply.
  • THE NOMINATION & APPLICATION PROCESS: Each school/college across the university is eligible to nominate up to 10 masters/professional-degree students for consideration, with each unit using its own process for selecting those nominees. Nominations are due by Oct. 27, 2013. Applications from student nominees are due by Nov. 11, 2013.   

The Graham Sustainability Institute administers for Dow Sustainability Fellows Program on the university's behalf. To learn more about the program, please visit the U-M Planet Blue website at