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Graham Scholars Funding Request

Please complete this form to request approval of field-based courses for the Graham Sustainability Scholars Program. Please carefully read the Field Experiences summary online before completing this form.U-M 


If you will be traveling outside the U.S., see the U-M travel abroad guidelinesBefore you request funding for your field-based travel from the Graham Institute, you must register your travel with U-M, prior to departure.

  • See How to Use the U-M Travel Registry
  • Emergency Communications: Your travel registration enables the U-M to reach you in the event of an emergency – abroad or at home
  • U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance: The travel registry provides access to U-M approved travel abroad health insurance.
  • NOTE: Failure to register with the U-M travel registry may result in rescinding the funding for your course.


To receive funding for field-bases courses, you must complete all program requirements (see Academic Requirements).

In addition to the required core courses held on campus, all Sustainability Scholars participate in a field-based course or experience. All field courses must be a minimum of 3 credits.

Sustainability Scholars are eligible for up to $3,500 for their field-based experience course (administered as a financial credit in the student's account). These funds can be applied to course fees or related direct expenses (e.g. travel, food, and lodging) for an approved course. 

Within 30 days of finishing your field course, please complete the Undergrad Field-based Experience Form. We appreciate your perspective about what you found most valuable and any recommendations for future scholars.

You are welcome to discuss course options in person with an education program leader at the Graham Institute.

Contact the Graham Institute
Phone: (734) 615-8230
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Student Information
Program Description
Independent studies require close collaboration with a faculty advisor to develop a plan to ensure that program requirements are addressed. (Typically, planning an independent study takes a minimum of 3 months.) A faculty member must approve your independent study plan and monitor progress toward completing the specific goals and objectives outlined. In addition to completing this form, students seeking approval for an independent study must submit a 2-page summary of an independent study plan, approved by a faculty advisor.
Enter the official course title. If U-M course, enter the course number before the title (e.g., ENV/RCID 391, Sustainability and the Campus). If an independent study, enter a title for your experience approved by your faculty advisor.
Type 'N/A' if not applicable.
Breakdown of program costs
Type in 'N/A' if expenses are not applicable.