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Webinar about Moving Climate Adaptation Forward

Moving Climate Change Adaptation Forward: Key Themes from the Great Lakes Adaptation Assessment for Cities

Presenter: Ashlee Jensen Grace, Project Manager, Great Lakes Adaptation Assessment for Cities (GLAA-C)]

Summary: Over the past three years, the Great Lakes Adaptation Assessment for Cities (GLAA-C) has worked closely with partners and urban decision makers throughout the Great Lakes region to identify adaptation needs and opportunities for action. As an integrated assessment, GLAA-C employs an iterative approach aimed at strengthening the science and decision making necessary for more effective urban climate adaptation in the region. Through this process, several key themes have emerged which will be discussed in this webinar. These will include: (1) effective tools and policies that are available to urban decision makers working in the adaptation field; (2) the importance of local climate, environmental, and community data in adaptation decision making; and (3) how to go about strategizing adaptation planning, from dealing with uncertainty, to prioritizing efforts, to building bridges and collaborations across departments and sectors.

Ashlee Jensen Grace: As project manager for Great Lakes Adaptation Assessment for Cities (GLAA-C) at the University of Michigan’s Graham Sustainability Institute, Ashlee is responsible for providing place-based information needed for developing and improving policy decisions and infrastructure investments related to climate adaptation in the Great Lakes region. Ashlee’s work includes fostering the transfer of information on climate change and community and economic resilience from the research side at the University of Michigan (U-M) to city stakeholders throughout the region. Ashlee’s previous experiences include working in the fields of land conservation, community health, and climate education. With two Masters degrees from the University of Michigan, including an M.S. in Natural Resource and Environmental Management and an M.U.P. in Urban and Regional Planning, combined with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from New York University, Ashlee's work focuses on the intersection and management of natural, built and social systems in the face of a changing climate.

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Date & Time: 
Tuesday, October 7, 2014 - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm