External Partners

Ongoing engagement with partners beyond the University of Michigan ensures that our work is in rooted in the real world. Diverse stakeholder perspectives are central to our science, learning and campus efforts, because research and practice show that inclusive approaches build mutual understanding and trust among participants, leading to better outcomes.

Here are some of the many ways external partners engage with us:

  • Water Center – Connects stakeholders of the Great Lakes and national estuaries with research teams within and beyond U-M.
  • Climate Center – Facilitates climate adaptation work with cities, tribal organizations and others, including community leaders.
  • Emerging Opportunities – Tackles real-world challenges through collaborative engagements that involve multi-disciplinary research teams working with diverse stakeholders across sectors.
  • Dow Sustainability Fellows – Connects student teams with sponsoring organizations around the world to engage in real-world projects.
  • Undergraduate Sustainability Scholars – Develops future sustainability leaders through hands-on learning and internship opportunities with external partners.
  • External Advisory Board – Comprises senior sustainability leaders who provide advice on key issues and help shape Institute strategy.