Graham Sustainability Institute

Professional Services

Network Building

Looking to connect with others working on sustainabilty?
Fostering connections—among researchers across the University of Michigan and with practitioners, policymakers, and other decision makers—is central to Graham's mission.

The sustainability experts database allows users to identify potential collaborators. Networking events offer opportunities to connect, share, and explore opportunities to collaborate. Graham staff work closely with stakeholders internal and external to the university to understand their interests, needs, and priorities, and to make connections where those intersect.

Catalyzing Projects

Need assistance exploring the feasibility of a new research collaboration?
Graham’s specialists can assist in the development of new project ideas. Through targeted workshops and scoping sessions, we bring together appropriate researcher and non-academic participants to explore intersecting interests and potential funding for engaged research projects with broader impacts.

Ready to move something forward?
For teams ready to launch new efforts or expand the application of existing science, competitive seed funding is available.

Supporting Collaborations

Seeking professionals to help design and implement collaborative processes and outreach?
Our experienced team can support faculty-led, collaborative research partnerships by providing project coordination, stakeholder engagement, knowledge translation, and communications support. 

Faculty and external partners are encouraged to contact Emerging Opportunities staff at any time to discuss potential initiatives at