Support & Resources


Faculty and external partners are encouraged to contact Emerging Opportunities staff at any time to discuss potential initiatives at We help make connections among experts, facilitate stakeholder engagement, assist with project management and evaluation, and explore additional sources of funding.  


Annual meetings will provide networking opportunities for grantees and other faculty across campus. Details will be posted to the Emerging Opportunities website.


Collaboration, Integration & Engagement
Emerging Opportunities projects bring together the diverse expertise and inclusive engagement needed at key decision points to advance sustainability. The following resources are intended to assist teams in designing and implementing effective collaboration and engagement.
Integrated Assessment
One approach to tackling real-world sustainability challenges is Integrated Assessment (IA), an interdisciplinary and collaborative research method that actively involves subject matter experts, decision-makers, and key stakeholders. IA evaluates the environmental, social, and economic aspects of an issue using an iterative and engaged approach that 1) defines and clarifies a complicated sustainability issue, 2) leverages research across disciplines, 3) builds partnerships, and 4) identifies and evaluates options for addressing the issue. An IA approach would be eligible, but is not required, for funding through the Emerging Opportunities program.
Data Management
  • SEAD provides web-based data services to meet the needs of sustainability science researchers.
  • Research Data Services is a network of services throughout the U-M Library to assist you during all phases of the research data lifecycle.
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