MCubed Sustainability Incentive

As part of MCubed 2.0 the Graham Sustainability Institute is offering a Cube Incentive Program for Sustainability Blocks. If at least three cubes (any combination of conventional or mini cubes) form an MCubed Block, the Graham Institute may provide the following after discussion with the funded cubes:
  • $10,000 in additional unrestricted funds for the work of the block,
  • Office (one workspace per block) and conference space, and
  • Assistance with project facilitation and external stakeholder engagement.

Click here for information about cube incentives from MCubed. You can also read about currently funded Sustainability Blocks.

How to Apply

The deadline for submissions has passed. This opportunity will be available again during the next MCubed cycle. The information on this webpage is provided for reference only.
Application Details
Researchers who have formed cubes and are interested in applying for a Sustainability Block should prepare a 1-page proposal which addresses the following:
  • Title of cubes interested in a sustainability block
  • Common link or theme between the cubes
  • Plans for how the funds ($10,000) will be used
  • Description of the type of support needed from Graham (space, convening, stakeholder engagement, etc.)
  • Primary point of contact for the block
Researchers interested in the Sustainability Blocks Incentive Program should contact Maggie Allan at (734) 763-0749 or