Graham Sustainability Institute

Principles of Environmental Health Sciences

EHS 500

This course provides a broad overview of some of the most important and current challenges to human health from environmental and occupational risk factors while teaching the basic knowledge the basic knowledge and multi-disciplinary skills used to assess, control, and prevent them. We will address specific threats, such as outdoor and indoor air pollution, toxic metals, pesticides, radiation and occupational stressors; analyze impacts on specific diseases and injuries, such as cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, musculoskeletal injuries and impaired child development; and introduce emerging threats, such as the hormone-mimicking potential of plastic chemicals and the impact of global climate change on heat-related mortality and shifting patterns of infectious disease. Emphasis will also be given to understanding the worsening environmental health impacts of industrialization on developing countries, the effects of globalization, such as the growing movement of hazardous industries, products, and wastes across borders, and the rise of the environmental justice movement.

Public Health » Environmental Health Sciences
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