Graham Sustainability Institute

Law & Public Health

HMP 653

The purpose of this course is to examine the legal context of the relationship the individual and the community, and to understand public health regulation in the context of a market-driven system. The goals of the course are for students to understand generally: constitutional authority and limits on governmental intervention in public health (i.e., individual rights vs. society's rights); the function of the interactions between courts, legislatures, and regulators; how law will affect students as strategic thinkers in public health positions; how to recognize legal result and communicate with attorneys; and the process of public health regulation and potential legal barriers to public health intervention strategies. Specific topics will vary, but will usually include; the nature and scope of public health authority; constitutional constraints on public health initiatives; tobacco control; youth violence; injury prevention; the spread of communicable disease; and regulating environmental risk.

Public Health » Health Management & Policy
Winter 2018
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