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Ecosystem Science in the Rockies


This 4-week course explores the principles of ecosystem science using field projects in the Rocky Mountains. The unique and diverse geological history and climate of this region controls the occurrence of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and the plants and animals of which they are composed. We will develop and use an understanding of geological and metrological processes to understand the distribution and function of grasslands, forests, and alpine ecosystems in the Rocky Mountains. The course is designed for majors in geological sciences, natural resources and environmental science to gain field-based knowledge and experience of Rocky Mountain geology and ecology. It is also designed for students majoring in other areas who have a general interest in this subject matter. This course will be team taught by professors from several different disciplines.

Literature, Science, & Arts » Earth and Environmental Sciences
Literature, Science, & Arts » Program in the Environment
Summer 2018
Summer 2017
Summer 2016