Graham Sustainability Institute

Community Intervention

SW 814

Community interventions are examined as methodologies of planned social change and community practice. The changing context of practice, major models, methods, and the uses of empirically based research to formulate and critically evaluate general practice propositions and action guidelines will be analyzed. Models of planned change to be discussed may include mass mobilization, social action, citizen participation, political advocacy, community education, and neighborhood development. Analysis will include methods of assessing community conditions, formulating strategies, building organizations, activating people, implementing plans, and monitoring and evaluating results. Research and case studies in public and private settings, in health, housing, and other human services, and in a variety of territories from neighborhood to nations will be included. Problems and issues of the economically disadvantaged, minorities, and women, and relevant ethical issues and values will be addressed.

Social Work
Winter 2017
Fall 2014
Fall 2012