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Camp Davis: History and Literature of the Rockies


Taught onsite at the University of Michigan’s Camp Davis Geology field station south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this course will examine a range of human experiences and expressions of place, centered on the area of Jackson Hole, but extending in conceptual terms across the central and northern Rocky Mountain region and, from there, to the American West as a whole. Taking environment as a key focus, the course will consider the role of geology and ecology in the area’s history, examining human and non-human landscapes from the first inhabitants to contemporary debates surrounding development, recreation, and management. At the same time, we will explore human expressions of place, as found in art, literature, and landscape. The course is explicitly inter- and multi-disciplinary, drawing on the methods and knowledge found in the fields of History, Literary Studies, Geography, Geology, and Ecology. The course will function experientially, as a “seminar-on-the-move,” with a number of hikes, trips, and tours to local places.

Literature, Science, & Arts » American Culture
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Summer 2017
Summer 2016