Graham Sustainability Institute

Business Ethics & Accountability

BL 309

In an increasingly complex and global business world, ethical decision making is a crucial skill for all business leaders. The ability to make ethically sound judgments and persuade others of the importance of a sometimes unpopular choice-and to do so under pressure-will be an advantage during a career in any type of organization. The Business Ethics and Accountability course provides students with the tools necessary to spot and avoid ethical risk and then to use their ethical reasoning and analysis skills to succeed as leaders in their chosen field. The course will first cover the background and justification for applying ethical frameworks to business action. Next, the course addresses distinct topics such as the nature of the ethical corporation, stakeholder analysis, and the legal and economic influences on decision making and negotiation. Finally, the course examines the ethics of the commercialization of science and technology and its uses, ethical choices while weathering a crisis, and international topics and multinational operations (such as cross-cultural ethics and corruption). The course concludes with a discussion of current topics in business ethics, such as environmental sustainability and the challenges of serving the Base of the Pyramid.

Business (Ross)
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