Graham Sustainability Institute

Becoming a Transformational Leader

MO 623

Leaders are transformational. They create value by enabling other people to exceed their own biological and cultural programming. They attract people to sacrifice perceived self-interest for a genuinely appealing collective purpose. The capacity to do this seemingly miraculous thing resides in individuals who have learned to transcend their own biological and cultural programming. This course engages students in deep learning both individually and collectively to explore their potential for transformational influence. This course will be unusual. The class sessions will require the heart as well as the head. We will engage in exercises of value clarification and dialogs of authenticity. We will seek to find and present our most original selves. The desired outcomes are self knowledge, integrity, personal power, and transformational capacity. The schedule is also unusual, involving 5 day-long sessions with some time between them. The schedule and format support the learning objectives for the class and maximize student learning.

Business (Ross)
Winter 2015
Winter 2013
Winter 2012