Art/Design Perspectives III: Tech/Environment


One of a series of four academic courses that casts a broad net to explore a variety of creative expressions from the mundane to the exotic, the celebrated to the unnoticed, the conceptual to the palpable, the useless to the practical, and the subatomic to the architectural. This third course uses a case study approach to explore the relevance of technology and the environment to artmaking through time and across world cultures. COURSE GOALS Consider the pivotal role of creative persons in a larger context Evaluate your relationship, as a creative person, with both technology and the environment Develop basic environmental literacy as it relates to art and design Evaluate your personal spaces, footprint and environmental history Inform your decision processes for material/energy use and consumption Critique current consumer based media and consumption practices Develop a methodology for evaluating a technology's success / relevance Understand how technology has evolved with human society and why it is unequally distributed across the globe Assess patterns of societal success and failures throughout history Observe and learn the basic functionality of ecosystems Understand the role evolution and diversity play in the environment Understand the role of agriculture and food production in human society Understand the concept of ecological sustainability

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