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Carbon Neutrality

Resources and Expertise to Match the Challenge

Carbon neutrality is a global imperative and a top university priority initiated by U-M President Mark Schlissel. The Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program is designed to mobilize our research community's collective power to advance a low-carbon future. We are grateful to the anonymous donors whose generous gift has made this program possible.

Through the Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program, all U-M faculty are eligible to apply for funding that supports carbon neutrality research with the potential to effect real change in the world. The program offers a unique opportunity to support faculty who are new to carbon neutrality or who want to explore significantly different directions in their research.

Projects that are likely to produce new insights revealed through interdisciplinary collaboration are critical to the program's mission. Projects that lend themselves to scalability or generate novel interventions co-created by scholars and practitioners are also strongly encouraged.

Researchers will receive the support they need to maximize the impact of their work and translate outcomes for a wide variety of audiences, from policymakers to resource managers. Initial programming will foster connections between researchers and with external stakeholders, and the ideas those connections spark will guide future funding and programmatic offerings.

Researchers across the university are already working to advance knowledge around a diversity of strategies that drive greenhouse gas emissions to zero or below, from renewable energy to carbon capture and sequestration, transportation, materials development, agriculture, data science, and more. At the same time, communities, institutions (including U-M), businesses, and governments are pursuing bold carbon reduction initiatives. The program's goal is to amplify U-M's efforts and seize these opportunities to move new knowledge to action.

Stay Informed and Shape the Program

The Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program is a multi-year, multi-million dollar program to support high-impact work that will dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

At this phase, we are seeking broad-based input from inside and outside the university to help shape the program in the years ahead. We welcome your ideas.

Get Involved

Submit a Proposal

U-M faculty from all disciplines and campuses are invited to apply for funding. Grants will be awarded for:

  • Innovative proof-of-concept projects and idea exploration
  • Transformative projects that take existing research to the next level
  • Projects that engage external partners to put ideas into practice 


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