Graham Sustainability Institute

Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund 2019-2020


Required PBSIF Application Materials

Concept Proposal Application (Deadline: November 24, 2019)

Concept proposals will not have an impact on final grant decisions. They are meant to engage the review board's assistance and help organize your thoughts. The following components should be included in your submission:

-What is the primary goal of the proposed project?
-Why is reaching this goal important for campus sustainability?
-How will you accomplish the project?
-Who are the primary people/groups that will need to be involved for project success?
-What is the projected budget range?
-What progress has already been made towards this initiative (i.e. conversations with UM Staff/Faculty, any current funds to start, concrete plans, etc.)?

Final Proposal (Deadline: January 27, 2020)

Applicants will be asked to return to their orginal application to add a final proposal document. The proposal document should be one file that includes the following:

Applicant Information:
-What is the role of each member of the project and what groups do they represent?

Project Description:
-What is the campus sustainability issue you plan to address? (Please include any concrete information that verifies the need and benefit for this project) How does your project enhance campus-wide student engagement with sustainability?
-What are the primary vision and long-term goals?
-What specific steps will you take to attain the goals? What is your action plan?
-What are the main stakeholder groups that your project will impact? What are their reactions and concerns with the project and how will you seek to address or mitigate these concerns?
-How is your project different from other similar projects on campus? How will the campus community engage with and understand your project?

Project Timeline*:
-Please include a detailed timeline for your project outlining which steps will be immediately implemented and which will be implemented over a longer period of time.
-Include how you will ensure completion of your project if any proposal participants plan to graduate prior to this date.

Management Plan:
-What are the responsibilities and time commitments for each person/group involved in implementing the project?
-Who will be the financial point person for grant awards and reimbursements for the entire duration of the project (start to completion)?
-Are you aware of any elements of the project that will need to be reviewed/approved by specific U-M committees? If so, please specify.

Evaluation Plan:
-What are the anticipated outcomes and how will you measure your success?
-Does your project have an anticipated economic payback? If so, please provide a full breakdown and evaluation.

Budget Proposal** (Deadline: January 27, 2020)

The budget proposal will be submitted as a separate document. Please include:

-An itemized budget in table format. This may include personnel, capital costs, and other funding sources and amounts, if applicable.
-Please note: concurrent pursuit of external funding is appropriate and encouraged. If you are using outside funding in addition to the requested PBSIF funding, please provide a description of costs, how they are derived, and why they are necessary in the budget.

PBSIF Grant Recipient Requirements

Note: failure to meet any of the requirements stated below may result in rescindal of grant awards, halted reimbursements until requirements are met, or an investigative review from the Graham Sustainability Institute.

-Budget updates at the beginning of each semester and spending totals at the end of each semester***
-Quarterly report that includes progress on the project, challenges faced, and student engagement efforts. 
-Final report upon completion of project
-Photographing progress throughout project and sending to 
-Meetings with the PBSIF board as needed

*Approval by PBSIF Review Board does not guarantee full funding. Preliminary approval by the PBSIF Review Board is subject to final approval by other University committees (e.g., U-M Facilities & Operations, Exterior Elements Design Review Committee).
**PBSIF will not fund student labor, however funds may be used to hire external expertise.
***Please note that all unused funds must be returned to the Graham Sustainability Institute
****SSI will fund poster printing

Graham Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
At the Graham Sustainability Institute, our dedication to academic excellence for the public good is inseparable from our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our mission of engaging, empowering, and supporting faculty, staff and students to foster sustainability solutions includes ensuring that each member of our community thrives. We believe that diversity is key to empowerment, and the advancement of sustainability knowledge, learning and leadership. See: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion