Graham Sustainability Institute

Student Sustainability Initiative Student Board Member 2016-2017


Thank you for your interest in a position on the Student Sustainability Initiative. To help us gauge your enthusiasm for, interest in, and experience with campus sustainability, please prepare the following materials: 
1)    A cover letter addressing the following:
a)   Your past and ongoing work/interest areas in general
b)   How you have been involved with environmental or sustainability related activities in general (and specifically if you have been involved in the SSI roundtable)
c)   Whether you are applying as a graduate or undergraduate student.
d)   A brief explanation of why you are qualified for the Grant Position.
2)   An essay (500 word limit) addressing the following question: How does fostering a diverse and inclusive community affect pathways to sustainability?
3)   Your resume

Click here for more information about the SSI board and the board member focus areas.


Application Deadline: 
Thursday, September 29, 2016