Graham Sustainability Institute

GLISA 2014 Great Lakes Assessment Grants


This year, the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center (GLISA) is conducting a two-tiered funding competition. Funding awards will be in two categories: Emerging Actions awards and Sustained Assessment awards. In both categories, we seek organizations that can bring together stakeholders from specific sectors or communities to identify and promote understanding of the vulnerabilities, anticipated impacts, and potential for adaptation to climate change and variability. GLISA will support these activities by identifying and providing relevant information about the historical climate, projected futures, and adaptation to potential impacts.

At this phase we are only accepting proposals from invited projects.
Proposals shall be submitted electronically as a single PDF file and must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST, Monday, August 25, 2014. To submit the proposal, please log-in to your profile (the same one used to submit the letter of intent) at and click the “Activity” tab. Then, click on the appropriate application to go to the proposal submission page.  For technical assistance with proposal submission, contact: B.J.Baule,, or 734-647-6228.

Proposals will be judged based on six criteria:

  • Capacity of proposed work to expand GLISA’s mission as a boundary organization
  • Clarity of problem statement
  • Clarity of approach
  • Identification of stakeholders and existing engagements
  • Role for decision makers and/or other stakeholders
  • Identification of information needs
  • Experience of the project team in addressing climate issues and/or engaging with stakeholders
  • Feasibility to complete work under the proposed budget and timeline