Graham Sustainability Institute

Small-Scale Grant Award



1. Proposal Narrative: (Not to exceed TWO pages). 

In addition to the two page limit, please include this Application Form (PDF) with your proposal narrative. 

a. Clearly describe the nature, goals, and impact of the proposed research, educational, operation, or outreach initiative.
b. Include detailed plans/schedule for accomplishing proposed goals.
c. State the estimated number of people you intend to reach.
d. State your means of sharing the impact of your project or initiative with the rest of our University community. Please state any steps you have already taken to get the word out about your project.
e. How does your event address the four SSI themes: Healthy Communities, Waste Prevention and Reduction, Climate Action, and/or Community Awareness?

2. Completed Budget

Please fill out and upload this budget form, which must include a list of itemized expenditures – e.g. supplies and materials, travel costs for seminar speakers, etc. (NOTE: This program can NOT support expenditures for computers, equipment, and/or faculty salaries.)  Must also indicate any non-Graham support that may be either pending (P) or confirmed (C).

3. Budget Justification: (Not to exceed ONE page) Must include:

a. Detailed description of cost estimates (and how they were derived).
b. Explanation of why expenditures are necessary.
c. Reasoning for soliciting support from the Graham Institute (how related).
d. Student details (if applicable), e.g. name, nature of work, percentage of appointment, amount requested, proposed time period of support, etc.
e. Other grant awards currently applying to on campus, if applicable.

4. Information About Initiative Leadership and Team: (ONE page, plus one resume)

a. One paragraph describing the capabilities and commitment of the person leading the initiative plus their resume.
b. One paragraph describing the capabilities and commitment of other key players.
c. Name of point person who will be responsible for handling grant award finances and reimbursements for entire duration of project (start to completion).

Application Review

Student applications will be reviewed by board members of the Student Sustainability Coalition (SSC). Faculty/staff applications will be reviewed by the Graham Institute's Leadership Team. (NOTE: Faculty, staff, and students employed by the Graham Institute are not eligible to apply for Graham Institute funding.) 
Please allow 2-4 weeks for a decision announcement.

Small Scale Grant Recipient Requirements

Those who receive funds must submit photos to throughout the development and upon completion of projects/events. Additionally, team leaders must submit a one-paragraph write-up about the completed project to
NOTE: Failure to provide a report upon completion may result in an investigative review from the Graham Sustainability Institute.
Graham Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
At the Graham Sustainability Institute, our dedication to academic excellence for the public good is inseparable from our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our mission of engaging, empowering, and supporting faculty, staff, and students to foster sustainability solutions includes ensuring that each member of our community thrives. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are key to individual empowerment, and the advancement of sustainability knowledge, learning and leadership. See: