Graham Sustainability Institute

New Tools Will Promote Justice and Equity in Climate Adaptation Plans

Project Team

Sara Hughes - U-M School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) (PI)
Richard Norton - U-M Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (TCAUP)
Sarah Dobie - U-M TCAUP
Kirsten Schwartz - UCLA Luskin
Kelly Turner - UCLA Luskin
Joyce Coffee - Climate Resilience Consulting
Madeleine Lane - U-M SEAS

Project Summary

Cities nationwide are developing broad, ambitious plans to adapt to climate change, and a growing number have begun to recognize the particular vulnerabilities of low-income and racialized groups. But incorporating justice and equity into their adaptation planning—though critically important—is a challenge: The guidelines, frameworks, and metrics needed for a justice-centered approach are not readily available to practitioners.

This project will help fill that gap with two important outputs: a report that introduces decision-makers to the considerations involved in developing a justice-oriented adaptation plan, and a public resource guide for cities addressing justice in their adaptation planning. Using these tools, practitioners will be in a better position to develop adaptation strategies that account for the needs of the most vulnerable urban residents and reduce existing inequities.            

This project received a $10,000 Catalyst Grant in 2020.