Graham Sustainability Institute

Urban sustainability: Energy, food and health

Sustainability Block Researchers

Marie Sylvia O'Neill and Karen Eileen Peterson - School of Public Health
Daniel Brown -School for Environment and Sustainability
Johanna Mathieu and Ian A. Hiskens - Engineering
Jeremiah Johnson - School for Environment and Sustainability
Ming Xu and Josh Newell - School for Environment and Sustainability
Glen Daigger - Engineering

Project Summary

This MCubed Sustainability Block linked three MCubes focusing on various aspects of urban sustainability including energy efficiency, women's health, and the relationships among food, energy, and water. The block brought together a total of nine researchers who used the $10,000 in additional research support to explore potential synergies and future interdisciplinary sustainability-related grant opportunities, and to extend support for students. Learn more about the individual MCubes using the links above.

This project received a $10,000 MCubed Sustainability Block Incentive Grant in 2016.