Enhancing Coordination on Shoreline Management and Resilience Measures in New York State

Why this work? 

Nature-based shoreline stabilization techniques have the potential to maintain and enhance important ecological services, provide greater resilience to physical forces, and be cost-competitive with traditional approaches. Over the past eight years, the Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Project has engaged a regional research team to develop the information and tools needed by regulators, engineers, and resource managers to identify the best settings and approaches for nature-based shoreline protection in the Hudson Estuary. The project also sought to address key questions about these approaches, such as life-cycle costs effectiveness and environmental trade-offs. Considerable knowledge is now available about alternative techniques, current research, and regional conditions. There is a need to develop a joint understanding of what is available, what is still needed, and how review of proposed actions could be standardized.

About this project 

The Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve will work collaboratively with New York State agencies to capture what is known about nature-based shoreline stabilization approaches and other natural and nature-based features to reduce risk and enhance resilience. This will include joint review of existing policies, practices, and guidance; exploration of opportunities to enhance these programs and guidance; and recommendations for new or updated decision support frameworks. The team will facilitate the information exchange among agencies and consensus on how and where to promote and implement nature-based shoreline protection and natural resilience measures in New York. The project will ultimately result in a significantly higher percentage of shoreline management projects that are designed to benefit natural habitats and reduce risk for human communities.

Project lead and contact

Emilie Hauser, Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve, Email: emilie.hauser@dec.ny.gov

To learn more, view the project factsheet (PDF).