Graham Sustainability Institute

Development of a Transformative Knowledge Network

U-M Investigators

Jose F. Alfaro – School for Environment and Sustainability


Tadeu Malheiros – University of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos

Project Summary

This project supported collaborations between the University of Sao Paolo – San Carlos (USP-SC) School of Engineering and the University of Michigan – School of Natural Resources & Environment (UM-SNRE) on two fronts:

  • Integration of SNRE in the development of a “Transformative Knowledge Network” focused on water and sanitation in urban areas and the intersection of engineering and social science
  • Creation of innovative experiences for students at both universities to receive instruction from faculty involved in the collaboration

A Transformation Knowledge Network (TKN) is a multi-disciplinary and international group of researchers who develop projects directly related to pressing global sustainability challenges. The USP–SC collaborator is developing the proposal for the TKN to be sponsored by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and other potential funders. Activities include faculty and student exchanges, joint course, and joint research in Sao Paolo communities.

This project received a $10,000 UM-Brazil Sustainability Cooperation Grant in 2014.