Graham Sustainability Institute

Play & Grounds

Project Team

María Arquero de Alarcón – Urban Planning and Architecture
Jen Maigret & Craig Borum – Architecture
Robert Grese – Environmenta and Sustainability
Lorelle Meadows & Aline Cotel – College of Engineering

Project Summary

To support creative redevelopment efforts in Detroit, the Graham Institute partnered with the Detroit-based nonprofit civil and human rights organization Focus: HOPE to conduct the Sustainability and the HOPE Village Initiative Integrated Assessment. 
As one of six projects in the overall assessment, this team solicited input from community residents to develop a detailed design strategy to transform open space in the HOPE Village Initiative neighborhood with a focus on vacant lots and streetscapes. The team helped renovate playgrounds at Glazer Academy, and they are working to transform a vacant lot near the Focus: HOPE campus into a public park.
For more details, read the final report (PDF) | 11.6 MB
This project received a $30,000 Integrated Assessment Grant in 2012.