Graham Sustainability Institute

Building a Healthy Community in Detroit: Tracking the Impact of the HOPE Village Initiative

Project Team

Paul Draus – Public Affairs, U-M Dearborn
Juliette Roddy – Public Affairs, U-M Dearborn

Project Summary

To support creative redevelopment efforts in Detroit, the Graham Institute partnered with the Detroit-based nonprofit civil and human rights organization Focus: HOPE to conduct the Sustainability and the HOPE Village Initiative Integrated Assessment. 
As one of six projects in the overall assessment, this project used surveys, interviews, and focus groups to collect an interdisciplinary set of measures assessing the physical and social state of the HOPE Village Initiative neighborhood. These findings can help Focus: HOPE target its efforts and track its progress.
For more details, read the final report (PDF) | 3.8 MB
This project received a $30,000 Integrated Assessment Grant in 2012.