Graham Sustainability Institute

Liquid Planning – Water Quality and Watershed Management in Metropolitan Detroit

Project Team

Jen Maigret – Architecture & Urban Planning
María Arquero de Alarcón – Architecture & Urban Planning 
Nicole Scholtz – University Library

Project Summary

In 2011 the Graham Institute partnered with the non-profit organization Data Driven Detroit (D3) to initiate the Detroit Sustainability Indicators Project. The overall project consisted of six U-M faculty-led research teams that worked to develop data, tools, and analysis to help decision makers in Detroit consider sustainability in their planning and redevelopment efforts.
Using spatial data analysis, this project identified opportunities to repurpose vacant land to improve stormwater management and transform civic space.  Award-winning, realistic 2- and 3-D depictions of possible green infrastructure improvements illustrate the potential opportunities and can help build support for test projects. 
For more details, read the final report (PDF)
This project received a $40,000 Detiort Sustainability Indicators Project Grant in 2011.