Graham Sustainability Institute

Measuring the Greenness of Cities: A New Methodology for an Urban Sustainability Index

Project Team

David Bieri – Architecture & Urban Planning

Project Summary

In 2011 the Graham Institute partnered with the non-profit organization Data Driven Detroit (D3) to initiate the Detroit Sustainability Indicators Project. The overall project consisted of six U-M faculty-led research teams that worked to develop data, tools, and analysis to help decision makers in Detroit consider sustainability in their planning and redevelopment efforts.
This project developed a new sustainability index that provided further evidence that “greenness” correlates to increased urban quality of life. Unlike other indices, this new approach uses comprehensive, economically-meaningful, and comparable measures of sustainability that make it suitable for policy-making in Detroit and other cities.
For more details, read the final report (PDF)
This project received a $40,000 Detriot Sustainability Indicators Project Grant in 2011.