Board of Deans

Composed of Deans (or their designees) from U-M Schools and Colleges most actively working on issues of sustainability, this esteemed group provides high-level guidance for the Graham Institute on behalf of all U-M academic units.

Current Members

Public Policy (Ford)
Business (Ross)
Office of the Provost
Graham Institute (ex officio)
Arch. and U.P. (Taubman)
Public Health
Environment and Sustainability
Literature, Science, & Arts

Previous Members

J. David Allan, Toni Antonucci, Rosina Bierbaum, Rebecca Blank, Dan Brown, Evan Caminker, Susan Collins, Alison Davis-Blake, Robert Dolan, Carol Fierke, Robert Fishman, Susan Gelman, Philip Hanlon, Douglas Kelbaugh, Laura Lein, Andrew Martin, Terrence McDonald, Marie Lynn Miranda, David Munson, Gunalan Nadarajan, Martin Philbert, Martha Pollack, Monica Ponce de Leon, Donald Scavia, Kenneth Warner, Janet Weiss, and Mark West